Panel artwork will match your cabinet

Panel Choices

1 Player

Great for Old School

1 Player units are great as they have all the games of any of our mod kits, but tailored for 1 player with the old school layout.  Add a MagStick Plug upgrade to easily change from 4 way play to 8 way play so all games feel true.

2 Player

Most Popular

2 Player kits allow you to play fast action battles against another player or by yourself.  Add a 2″ trackball or MagStick Plus Joystick.

2 Player XL

Adult Size

The 2 Player XL panel is huge and allow for plenty of room for 2 full grown adults.  Also accommodates a large 3″ trackball.  Great for any cabinet, but especially Golden Tee cabs.

4 Player

Unlock 4 Players

Play all standard arcade games and great 4 player games such as NFL Blitz, The Simpsons, NBA Jam, TMNT, and tons more.