MagStik plus 

Have All Games Play True

Easily change joystick from 8 way to 4 way 

8 Way 

All Directions

Joystick is free to move in all directions.  Most games play 8 way, but they can cause problems with older games designed for 4 way.

4 way

Old School

Joystick will mechanically lock down to only up/down/left/right, no diagonal.  Old games such as pacman, digdoug, galaga, donkey kong, and many more used 4 way sticks.

Why do you care?


4 Way joystick setting will not work on 8 way games and therefore not work on a majority of the games on the mod kit.

8 way joystick setting will work on all games, but not properly on 4 way designed games.  You have to be very deliberate in your movements.  

Example if you push up/right at the same time on street fighter your character will jump right which is expected.  Do the same thing on Ms Pacman and the character doesn't know what to do so will just keep going straight and you die.  You have to go either up or right, not both at the same time.



Standard Joystick

You can change the standard joystick from 8 way to 4 way, but have to remove a plate on the bottom and physically change the orientation of the center.

MagStik Plus

Simply pull up on the joystick and rotate and it will easily switch from 8 way to 4 way and back.

How many?

Just 1

Old games only had 1 set of controls where all players took turns playing those games.  The mod kit thinks the game is the real arcade so you will continue to take turns on those games so only need player 1 to be able to switch from 4 way to 8 way.  All others 8 way only is great!


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