Panel Choices

Artwork themed to your cabinet

All games are available on all panel selections

1 Player

Great for Old School

1 Player units are great as they have all the games of any of our mod kits, but tailored for 1 player with the old school layout.  Add a MagStick Plug upgrade to easily change from 4 way play to 8 way play so all games feel true.

2 Player

Most Popular

2 Player kits allow you to play fast action battles against another player or by yourself.  Add a 2″ trackball or MagStick Plus Joystick.

2 Player XL

Adult Size

The 2 Player XL panel is huge and allows for plenty of room for 2 full grown adults.  Also accommodates a large 3″ trackball.  Great for any cabinet, but especially Golden Tee cabs.

4 Player

Unlock 4 Players

Play all standard arcade games and great 4 player games such as NFL Blitz, The Simpsons, NBA Jam, TMNT, and tons more. 

add over 6300 top games
control panel swap!

All games are on every panel it is just a matter of how you want to configure your unit.

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