Holiday Shipping

Please get your orders in asap as we do predominantly custom work per unit which takes some time.  We do everything in house and typically turn around orders in a day or two of when you submit or select your graphics package however unit quantities ordered during the holidays extends the process a bit.

We work orders fast and efficient, but to be safe plan on us taking a week to ship from when you submit your order and we have all the correct information for your order.  We ship FedEx ground and based on their holiday schedule guaranteed delivery before Christmas on Friday the 23rd means units have to ship by Wednesday the 14th of December.  That does not mean if you order during that week before we will be able to guarantee your item gets shipped as our queue is typically huge by then. Also please consider the few days prior you may want to get your unit setup and playable on Christmas morning vs starting your mod or cabinet then.

Also please open and review your mod kit prior to Christmas ensure you have all parts, no shipping damage, and everything is perfect.  If not, contact us immediately so we can fix any issues so your spend Christmas playing games.

























We want you worried about heated battles playing your favorite games from the past not whether or not your unit is going to make it in time.



























We value our customers and will do everything possible to accommodate.