Arcade Legends Ultimate LCD Digital Marquee Mount

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Arcade Legends Ultimate Digital LCD Marquee Mount


    • Black wood mount with black trim
    • Plexiglass front
    • 4 black bolts and nuts
    • 4 mounting screws
    • Artwork themed to your cabinet and pre-applied

*DOES NOT INCLUDE ACTUAL LCD PANELSupported 14.9″ LCD Panel and controller on Amazon.  Also you need a 12v 3 amp power supply for the monitor for it to function properly.



Please add any specific requests here. We will contact you after order to ensure we have all the proper information. If you do not want the artwork in the listing then please specify in this section.

Install and Explanation Video for our Arcade Legends Ultimate Dynamic Marquee Mod Kit

Arcade Legends Ultimate Digital LCD Marquee Mod Kit

We do everything in house so typically ship the Arcade Legends Ultimate digital lcd marquee mod kit same day or next day of you placing your order.  All artwork printing/laminating and CNC is done with our machines at our facility.  No waiting!  All panels are cut and in stock ready to ship.  Free Shipping in the Continental US.  We are centrally located so 2 day shipping to most locations.

Contact us with your country and postal code for discounted international shipping rates.

In this video we will show you quick and easy upgrades for your arcade machine using our Arcade Legends Ultimate digital lcd marquee mod kit that will allow you to display dynamic marquee of the mame or console game your are playing.

This video is broken up into upgrade and demo.

All of our upgrades can be done without having to disassemble your machine.

Video Break down

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Marquee monitor mount whats included
01:13 – How to wire the lcd marquee
02:03 – Mount lcd
03:46 – Back of unit access and wiring
05:05 – Raspberry pi 4 mod kit setup and game play
12:36 – Coinops USB setup and game play

You do not have to be a computer programmer, wiring expert, or engineer with our Arcade Legends Ultimate mod kits.  In other words, simply swap parts without having to fully take apart your machine. Turn your one machine into a centerpiece arcade instead of having to use an entire room for just a few games each.  Theme to your current machine, create your own theme, or choose from any of our themes to get the machine of your inner child dreams.

Not a computer programmer – get our mod ready addons!

We offer a couple modding options that support the 2nd lcd dynamic marquee out of the box.

Raspberry Pi

  • Get our 128gb micro sd card 2nd monitor and Arcade Legends Ultimate controls ready.  Just plug in your controls via usb and our sd card into your raspberry pi 4 (4 gb version suggested) and be playing with dynamic marquees instantly
    • Do not have a pi 4 get one from us that comes with 2 micro hdmi to full size hdmi cables and power supply.


  • Use our 128gb usb key that is CoinOps Next 2 ready with dynamic marquees for both Mame and Consoles
  • Contains our custom ArcadeModUp fix files so you can easily reset everything back to default to work with your Arcade Legends Ultimate cabinet
  • Add your own computer with Windows installed.

Arcade Legends Ultimate Digital LCD Marquee Mount


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