Arcade1Up 19″ Monitor Upgrade

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Brand New! Large 19″ monitor.  Great replacement and upgrade option vs buying used, old, expensive monitors.

  • Ready for hdmi input for modded control panels
  • Works with ArcadeModUp mod kits out of the box
  • Fully assembled and ready to swap on any stand up Arcade1Up cabinet
  • Artwork will match your current cabinet or we can do custom print
  • Add LVDS To HDMI Adapter Board Converter Compatible if you plan to use your stock Arcade1Up computer


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Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Centipede, Final Fight, Galaga, Golden Tee, Karate Champ, Marvel Super Heros, Mortal Kombat, Midway MK2 Legacy Cabinet, Pac-Man, Pac-Man 40th Anniversary, Rampage, Simpsons, Space Invaders, Space Invaders, Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2 (Capcom) Legacy Cabinet, TMNT, NBA Jam, Frogger, Burger Time, Golden Axe, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Ms Pac-Man, Star Wars, Big Buck World, Custom – Add to notes section

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4 reviews for Arcade1Up 19″ Monitor Upgrade

  1. maurice2021 (verified owner)

    just received my 19 monitor upgrade and i gotta say that im very pleased and this is awesome! The 19 inches makes a really big difference! the colors are really vibrant and really stand out!

    As far as installing the montior upgrade i had no issues whatsoever.

    I love Playing NBA JAM, And now my cabinet is complete!

    The item was packaged very well and the shipping was really fast!

    Thank you once again!

  2. Jose Nunez (verified owner)

    Must get

  3. Aaron Spielberg (verified owner)

    I had been using the famous Dell mod with my raspberry pi4. It worked ok but because of the older technology, I continued to run into a variety of issues. This kit solved all those problems.

    I also have their marquee kit which I highly recommend as well. Together they work to perfection.

    These folks do great work and answered all my tedious questions before I finally made my purchase. I can also attest adding these to your Arcade 1up is as easy as their install video describes. If you’re in the market for a new screen or marquee don’t hesitate.

  4. Jeremy H

    We recently ordered this along with our cabinet mod kit upgrades. I was a little hesitant to get this widescreen monitor because, even though it is larger than our originally installed monitor, our cabinet had featured portrait-oriented games like Ms. Pac-man and Dig-dug. So, with this monitor I knew we’d be losing a little bit of vertical real estate. However, since the majority of games that are on the 6,000 game upgrade are widescreen, my kids talked me into this. I’m really glad we went with it after all. Sure, a handful of the oldest arcade games are smaller than with our previously vertical-oriented screen, but we used the ArcadeModUp suggestion and added the marquee graphics on the side and that adds so much to the experience. And, it goes without saying, all the horizontally-oriented games (which are the vast majority) look INFINITELY better on this larger screen. The quality of the image is extremely good as well. Extremely satisfied with our purchase. Thanks so much!

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