Arcade1Up Control Deck

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  • Typically ships within 2 days of order or selecting/submitting graphics
  • Many different layouts available
  • Precision CNC cut to fit your Arcade1Up cabinet
  • Black laminated wood so no painting required
  • Includes your choice of tmolding color
  • No bolt holes design for joysticks
  • Support for Sanwa/Zippy or Happ style joysticks
  • Optional USB extender cut to add usb ports to your control deck for external controllers
  • Add graphics – Choose from previous customer designs or design your own with provide Photoshop templates


Take your control panel to the next level. Add high quality laminated graphics. Design your own with provided templates or choose from previous customer graphics. Extra protection by adding a cnc cut plexiglass top. Add 2 usb ports to your panel for easy access to your computer or raspberry pi.

Control and Computer Packages * 

Control Kit: Add 2 Non led Joysticks, 2 usb encoders, all harnessing, 16 led buttons pre-installed. You choose joysticks and button colors!
GUTS pack: Add the “GUTS pack” and get a Raspberry Pi 3B+, Raspberry Pi certified power supply, monitor converter with HDMI cable, and 32gb microsd card ready to play on the Arcade1Up 17″ 5:4 ratio monitor! Just install the monitor converter, hdmi cable, and control deck on your Arcade1Up and unlock/share your childhood.


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Arcade1Up Control Decks

Our Arcade1Up Control Decks are precision CNC cut designed for a perfect fit.  They can be changed out quickly if you want to have the proper control deck for a specific set of games.  .5″ laminated wood requires no painting.  Drilled for happ or sanwa style sticks although any joysticks should mount to the bottom via .5″ screws.  These control decks allow for you to save space with only 1 Arcade1Up cabinet that you can now have in multiple configurations.  

Includes tmolding in the color of your choice.  Add high quality laminated vinyl to your Arcade1Up control deck for added flash and controls labeling.  Graphics will last for years to come.

Additional information

Control Panel Layout

Street Fighter, Street Fighter with 2.5" Trackball, Street Fighter with 4 way, Ultimate 1 Player, Rampage, 4 Way, Centipede, Mortal Kombat, Golden Tee with 3" trackball, Karate Champ, Final Fight

Tmolding Color

Will decide after graphic, Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange

USB Extender Cut

No Cut, USB Cut


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