Arcade1Up Graphics Wrap Kit – Top Quality Wraps on the Web


High Quality Graphics Wrap for your Arcade1up cabinet
-Fit to size
-Graphics are printed on high quality rapid air (no bubbles) for easy dry application like a big sticker
-Laminated for ease of application and ultimate durabilit
-Tons of artwork packages to choose from
-Design your own with provided PhotoShop templates with purchase


You can enter any details about the product you want here. We will also send a welcome email with your order where you can get templates to design with or respond to with more specifics around you order.


Arcade1Up Graphics Wrap Kit

Our high quality Arcade1Up graphics kits will allow you to transform your cabinet into something special.  Use our provided Adobe PhotoShop templates to design your own or choose from previous customer graphics.  You can use the free 7 day trial of Photoshop CC to design them.  The wraps are made from high quality rapid air vinyl so no bubbles.  They are also laminated for more durability and will last for years to come.  They apply over the current Arcade1Up stock graphics and then you simply trim to perfect size with a razor blade.  We ship them around .5″ larger than the actual cabinet which allows for maximum forgiveness when applying.

With the laminated control panel you can choose to add a plexi cover for a more professional look or just play directly on the laminate.  Our Arcade1Up graphics wraps can be printed for either a horizontal or vertical bezel depending on the cabinet you have.

If you are not sure of which monitor bezel you need.

  • Horizontal Monitor Arcade1up Games
    • Street Fighter, Rampage, Asteroids, Mortal Kombat, Final Fight, Golden Tee
  • Vertical Monitor Arcade1Up Games
    • Pac-Man, Galaga, Centipede, Space Invaders, Karate Champ

We offer 4 different options when ordering Arcade1Up graphics for your cabinet.

  1. Marquee only – Get a marquee print on vinyl to easily apply to your arcade
  2. Control panel – Upgrade your control deck artwork with a new graphics wrap
  3. Marquee and Control panel – Why not both?
  4. Full wrap – Includes 2 sides, marquee, control deck, control kick plate, cabinet kickplate for the ultimate look

The options give you flexibility on how much of the original cabinet you want to keep or change it all.

If you need custom artwork for your Arcade1Up cabinet this is the highest quality kit at the best price on the web.

Also check out our custom control decks!

Design Your Own with Provided Photoshop Files!

The sky is the limit on making your Arcade1Up machine your very own.

Additional information

Graphics Wrap

Non lit Marquee only $15.99, Control Panel only $19.99, Marquee and Control Panel only $34.99, Full Wrap including Marquee $99.99

Monitor Orientation of Your Arcade1Up Cabinet

Horizontal, Vertical


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