Supply Updates

We continue to strive to deliver on time and exceed expectations with every order.  We have stocked raw materials well in advance to continue uninterrupted service. 

To keep pricing low, we have made the following shift from Raspberry Pi units to Linux boxes directly for the time being.  Raspberry Pi computer stock can no longer maintain our customer demands and in addition prices have skyrocketed.  Instead of passing this cost on to you or worse raising costs and lengthening our ship time, we have pivoted to 905×3 with 4gb ram Linux boxes.  

What does this mean?


  • You get a more powerful processor from 1.5GHz to 1.91GHZ
  • Faster GPU Clock from 500 MHz to 850 MHz
  • Same 4 GB RAM
  • Both have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


  • Same systems and game count
  • Multiple themes
  • Everything you expect from our systems

Shipment time

  • Makes us able to not wait on RPI stock so we can still ship lighting fast.  Typically, within 2 business days of having your artwork and color selections.

What do you lose from this change?

  • The Linux boxes only have 1 HDMI output so cannot support lcd marquees

If you order a product and add the lcd marquee you will get a raspberry pi 4 if you ordered a pre-built unit, bundle unit, or GUTS pack

Additional Options

  • We are working with the creator of pixel cade to support pixelcade in our units.  Since the pixelcade protocol goes through usb they can be supported without additional HDMI.
  • You can contact support to get an upgrade invoice for us to include a RPI vs linux box

NOTE:  We have used Raspberry Pi units for several years so most product pages indicate a Raspberry Pi is included with units.  Again, this is only the case if you ordered an lcd marquee or request a custom quote.  We anticipate prices to drop once supply comes back from Europe which was hit hard with COVID lock downs and further supply chain issues.  We will give some time for RPI supply chain to ease, but if it does not, we will update website further past this page. 

In short, even if the product page says you get a RPI that is only for products where LCD marquee units are ordered, or you pay the upgrade charge.  If you do not care about a LCD marquee you will keep our low pricing with a more powerful Linux box.

This page will be updated as supply issues change.