Arcade1Up Light Up Marquee Conversion Kit

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Light it if you got it!
-Conversion kit for your arcade 1up cabinet marquee
-Free US shipping is included; typically ships within 1 day of purchase
-Includes new mount kit, plex set, led light strip/power supply, and translight graphic print
-Huge gallery of images below to choose from or send us the picture you want
-Photoshop templates provided with purchase if you want to design your own

You can put what graphic file name in this location or we will send a welcome email you can respond to or use the Photoshop templates to design your own.



This Arcade1Up light up marquee kit is pre-made and ready to install when delivered.  Make your arcade stand out! LED Backlit marquee with light and power ready to replace your non-lit original on your Arcade1up machine.  The marquee is built from 1/2 inch thick acrylic professionally cnc cut.  The graphics are printed on translucent back lit material and pre-applied to the marquee along with the marquee holders. The kit also comes with a power harness that connects to your existing power supply that powers your monitor.  There is no need for a second AC adapter.  The marquee lights up automatically when you power up your arcade1up machine.  Fits all Arcade1Up 3/4 cabinets! No light bleed with this design.  Lights up just the marquee area. Choose from previous customer designs or design your own with provided photoshop template.  You can also submit the picture you want from the web for us to use.

Click for Install Instructions

Install instructions for your Arcade1Up Light Up Marquee:

Remove screws from top of side pieces and remove your non-lit marquee

Remove the 3 screws from bottom wood piece from non-lit original marquee

Use the same 3 screws and wood piece to screw into new arcade1up lighted marquee.  NOTE: DO NOT over tighten.  Just hand tight enough to be secure

 Peel some of the paper backing off of the led light strip

Apply led light strip to top panel on your arcade1up machine

Unplug 12v power cable from your monitor and use splitter to supply power to both the monitor and the led power strip you just installed

Insert your new light up marquee into your arcade1up, use provided 2 screws to secure using original drill hole in your machine sides.


Choose Your Artwork

You can submit your own artwork or choose from below.
Just put the AMU number in the notes section above.

Replica Arcade1Up marquees in this first section, but 100s of more options below.

Again you can submit your artwork as well.

Replica Arcade1Up extended games

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11 reviews for Arcade1Up Light Up Marquee Conversion Kit

  1. Nate (verified owner)

    These are possibly the best addition to an Arcade 1Up. They make the cabinets look more professional. They are heavy duty, the led lights are bright and they are super easy to install. The marquee graphics are true translight material. They make everything pop. The price is great, the customer service responds quickly, is friendly and no waiting 2 months to receive it. I will absolutely buy more of these when needed. They are worth every penny and look absolutely amazing.

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and very responsive support and great marquees. You really can’t go wrong!

  3. Matthew Lasure (verified owner)

    I have ordered 4 Marquees from ArcadeModUp and love every single one of them! I plan to buy more of them as needed, and this is the place I would go to in order to get them.

  4. kjohnikins (verified owner)

    This company is a SAVER!! Their work is SUPERIOR and Delivery is QUICK!! This will be my 3rd order for a marquee.

  5. Glen Corson (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased the Mortal Kombat and Space Invaders Marquis and they both look amazing so happy with the product fast shipping.

  6. michael wood


  7. Damon (verified owner)

    Awesome job on my Atari Team lit marquee! And, to have it shipped within a couple of days and delivered within a couple of days is amazing! Can’t wait to order my next marquee. It will definitely be from ArcadeModUp. Thanks again!

  8. Steve

    Excellent quality marquee and it just puts the finishing touch to my cabinet. Shipping was quick to the UK, taking just over a week to arrive. Customer service is great and emails answered quickly. Thanks again for an excellent product.

  9. Kenneth Baker

    Upgraded my space and pacman both 40 anniversary additions look great.

  10. Kenneth Baker

    Upgraded my space iinvades and pacman both 40 anniversary additions look great.

  11. Eric Glover (verified owner)

    Very happy with marvel marquee looks beautiful and easy to put in. Very fast shipping and service, plan to buy more.

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