Arcade1Up Mod Kit Bundle

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Arcade1Up Mod Kit is complete with everything you need to upgrade your Arcade1Up machine in an easy drop in kit.  Explanation and install video in description below.  *Now supports Gen3 cabinets as well like MK from Costco or Marvel Super Heroes.


    • Arcade control panel wired and ready to play
      • Standard arcade layout
      • Themed laminated artwork applied to panel
      • 2 joysticks and 16 buttons pre-wired
      • 2 usb encoders
      • Raspberry Pi 3b+ or latest supported on RetroPie
      • 32gb microsd card pre-configured
      • HDMI cable
    • HDMI Monitor Converter
      • Monitor converter board and cabling
    • Stereo J Panel Upgrade Package – Remove if Gen3 Cab and Add Gen 3 Audio
      • New J panel (below control panel board)
      • 2 4″ speakers pre-installed
      • 180W amp with power supply
      • Speaker wire with connectors
    • Lighted Marquee
      • .5″ plexiglass replacement marquee with holders
      • Themed artwork
      • Replacement screws
      • Light Strip
      • Power splitter

*Everything is done in house so typically ships within a day or two from order


Audio System * 

Jpanel Audio for Gen1/2 cabinets includes stereo wood panel, 2 speakers, amp/power supply, and speaker wire/connectors
Gen 3 Audio for Gen 3 (Marvel/MK Costco) includes amp/power supply, speaker wires, and connectors

Additional Options

Please add any specific requests here. We will contact you after order to ensure we have all the proper information.

Additional information


Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Centipede, Final Fight, Galaga, Karate Champ, Marvel Super Heros, Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Rampage, Space Invaders, Space Invaders, Street Fighter, Custom – Add to notes section

Tmolding Color

Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Will decide later

Player 1 Color

Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Custom Enter in Notes

Player 2 Color

Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Custom Enter in Notes

9 reviews for Arcade1Up Mod Kit Bundle

  1. Timothy Janas (verified owner)

    Great kit. I watched the video online to figure out how to use this to modify my Asteroids Arcade1Up. You need to be moderately comfortable in dealing with cables, connectors, etc to be successful here, but all the very heavy lifting is already done.

  2. John H

    This is a great product. I too added it to an Astroids machine. Very easy steps. The team takes care of all the hard work. Love the product

  3. Micah J (verified owner)

    OMG!!! This is a must! Love this company. Made it super duper easy to install and I’m very pleased with the performance and game selections. For the price I dont think its expensive when you calculate individually….I’ve just noticed my package didn’t come with heatsinks they are definitely needed..that chip can get pretty hot also my pi was a (3b) not (3b+) model but hey I’m overall happy it works fine and I would highly recomend you guys thanks again.

    • ArcadeModUp

      Contact through the site. We will send some for you at no charge.

  4. Rahul Puar (verified owner)

    Been reliving my youth with these games. Cannot believe I have access to all these arcades and systems in my home!
    i would have wasted time and money if I tried to put this together myself.
    Install was super simple with some common sense tweaks.
    Support has been great throughout, and very willing to help.
    Many thanks!

  5. Tyre Campbell (verified owner)

    Received my kit today. Very impressed with the organization of games and I love the custom artwork I chose for the control panel. Arcade modup is good as advertised. They did all of the manual labor and the video was clear and descriptive of what to do. Took me less than 20 min to complete the swap. For a person like my self that’s not too techy I really appreciate everything being ready to go.

  6. albinom1a (verified owner)

    Awesome arcade set up!!! The guys a ArcadeModUp did a great job on this modification of the Arcade 1up!!! The customer service is excellent!!! I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer in the future!!!

  7. Ez

    Install was easy and also I realized how much time I saved by getting this kit. I also have to say that this is a defining moment in my life. Growing up I would spend hours in the arcades until they closed at 11pm. At school they would call me “machine boy” and if they didn’t know where I was they knew they could find me at the arcades. Seeing TMNT, Rastan or Street fighter for the first time are key moments in my life. And now having them at home means a lot to me.

    You made my dream come true. Thank you!

  8. Simon Howlett

    Great kit, highly recommend. Easy to install with video help. Really good quality parts. Took less than an hour to mod my pacman. Just had to mod the config.txt on the SD card so the screen displayed the correct way around – google will help anyone with this and other options however. They even shipped the kit to me in the UK. All the hard work is done for you – so many classic games ! Big thumbs up

  9. Rich (verified owner)

    Awesome product, shipped and delivered very quickly.
    Excellent option if you are not comfortable modding your own cab.

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Install and Explanation Video for our Arcade1Up Mod Kit

Arcade1Up Mod Kit Complete is 100% done in house

We do everything in house so typically ship the Arcade1Up Mod Kit Complete within 1 to 2 days of you placing your order.  All artwork printing/laminating and CNC is done with our machines at our facility.  No waiting!  All panels are cut and in stock ready to ship.  Free Shipping in the Continental US.  We are centrally located so 2 day shipping to most locations. 

Contact us with your country and postal code for discounted international shipping rates.

In this video we will show you quick and easy upgrades for your Arcade1Up machine using our Arcade1Up mod kit that will allow you to play 1000’s of games from your childhood.

This video is broken up into 4 upgrades.
-Upgrading to a lit marquee
-Upgrading stereo sound with our upgraded J panel
-Converting the Arcade1Up monitor for use with HDMI and finally swapping out the Arcade1Up control panel with a pre-configured drop in unit

All of these upgrades can be done without having to disassemble your machine.

Video Breakdown
Video intro 0:00
Upgrade Overview 0:39
Lighted Marquee 5:07
Convert Arcade1Up Monitor for HDMI 7:29
J Panel Upgrade for Stereo Audio 9:43
Install drop in control panel 11:39
Gaming Software walk through 13:17
Proper software shut down 19:55

You do not have to be a computer programmer, wiring expert, or engineer with our Arcade1Up mod kits.  In other words, simply swap parts without having to fully take apart your machine.  Everything is provided and ready to install and play.  Turn your one machine into a centerpiece arcade instead of having to use an entire room for just a few games each.  Theme to your current machine, create your own theme, or choose from any of our themes to get the machine of your inner child dreams.  In addition customize your control and t-molding colors.  We have taken the confusion out of upgrading your Arcade1Up cabinet.  Above all unlock the potential of endless hours of entertainment at your home with our Arcade1Up mod kits.

Get all the Arcade1Up mods in one complete kit!

The light up marquee kit will give transform your room into a real arcade.  For instance do not settle for the standard darkened sticker that comes with your machine.  Go from one speaker mono to full stereo sound with our j-panel conversion board.  The monitor converter kit that is included will allow you to connect any VGA, DVI, or HDMI source to your stock Arcade1Up monitor.  Finally our wired control panel comes with the Raspberry Pi computer installed and ready to play.  Simply connect the provide power supply, HDMI video cable, and 3.5 mm audio cable to be playing.  Do not waste any more Google time trying to put all the pieces together.  Get our Arcade1Up Mod kit and be playing.

Also check out our full graphics wraps if you want to create or select something unique.